Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Get the most out of digital innovation and new business models with a tailor-made supply chain

In this global marketplace, Supply Chain Management (SCM) includes a multitude of stakeholders, goods, and services involved in the creation and sale of a product.

An end-to-end supply chain management platform can offer your company visibility over the data, resilience, and increased resource utilization. With the help of SCM software, companies become transparent in the supply chain process, more efficient in their business operations, and more effective in reaching their goals. That helps you meet deadlines with less waste, without losses, and with no delays in goods.

At Dianoia IT we can help you implement a ready-made SCM, or we can tailor-make a SCM system for you. This can be integrated with software systems such as ERP, CRM, WMS, TMS, or other internal systems that your company already uses. Moreover, we also help integrate the SCM with hardware devices for inventory identification/tracking and business intelligence (BI) solutions for analytics.

The SCM includes inventory and warehouse management, logistic management, procurement management, supplier relationship management as well as other processes, based on your business needs and specifications.


  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Increase the accuracy of demand forecasting.
  • Improve efficiency and risk management.
  • Enhance inventory control.
  • Rely on product lifecycle management.
  • Extensive planning and reduced overhead costs.
  • Improve collaboration with suppliers.
  • Transparent traceability and shipping optimization.

Consider your possibilities to get a robust Supply Chain Management implementation and support with Dianoia IT.