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Our Name

A great company is like an extended family and being a family means sharing an identity. Dianoia IT is a dynamic company with an image that is in line with its role as a think tank. We design, develop, and implement tailor-made software solutions for all industries.

The name of Dianoia IT is inspired by the Greek term ‘διάνοια’ – a term used first by Plato for the type of thinking specifically used for mathematical and technical subjects. The ending ‘IT’ brings us directly to the core of the Dianoia IT business: Information Technology. ‘IT’ indicates the use and transfer of information through computers or computer systems.

Our Purpose

One IT partner, a single contact who takes responsibility for your full digital solution.

Our aim is to help you optimize processes and increase your productivity. We focus first on a deep understanding of your functional problems. The we develop and implement software solutions that help your business fulfill its objective and grow organically.

Our Team

We are a team with vision and commitment to innovation. Over the last 20 years, we have created and delivered clean and sustainable software solutions, especially in the food & manufacturing and logistics industries.
Our company values its staff and their development and has great team spirit.
Meet our team:




Starting with a vision and extensive experience in the digitalization of the Dutch AGF sector, Florin is the co-founder of Dianoia IT. Equipped with both soft and hard skills, his strong quality is to bring people, businesses, and technologies together. He has a friendly and open mindset, and he is able to translate and communicate technical strategies to both technical and non-technical people. He aims to create a good connection between collaborators and trendy software solutions.



With over 20 years of experience in software engineering, Bogdan has technical experience in the architecture and development of end-to-end software solutions in multiple industry sectors. Co-founder of Dianoia IT, Bogdan has a special passion for knowledge of the full stack of technologies. He aims to advocate for clean code writing and a strong engineering discipline.


Project Manager

With a passion for innovation, Anda is trained in social sciences. She is excellent at prioritizing work and has a special eye for detail. In her role as communication manager, she uses her equity, creativity, and ‘can do’ mentality to create a great community for both national and international collaborators.

Our multinational collaborators have a broad knowledge of .Net, ASP.Net, CSS, C#, SQL (ERP, integration, customization, and Cloud) DevExpress, HTML, EF Core, Angular, Agile/DevOps, mobile development, security, and test automation. With regular courses, licenses, and certifications we like to keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest technologies. By combining the knowledge and the right skills in our high-performance teams, we learn from each other every day and we can offer our customers the best digital solution for their business.


Are you passionate about contributing to the development of innovative solutions for the digital era?
Would you like to be a member of an ambitious team driven to create and deliver excellent and clean software solutions?
Would you like to be part of a company that values its staff and their development and has great team spirit?
We are looking for ambitious and innovative IT professionals and would love to hear from you!
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