Documents Management (DMS)

Custom documents management and tailored automated processes keep your employees both engaged and productive

Companies and organizations from all sectors and industries face a multitude of documents to manage. The workload is currently very high, and Documents Management System (DMS) is a must for small and big companies. However, many standard/predetermined Software Solutions are not equipped to fulfill your company’s special needs.

This is why, at Dianoia IT, we offer to develop, maintain and integrate for you a tailored DMS. With the Documents Management System, you automatize work follows, improve work accuracy, and increase your work efficiency.

Reach the full potential of your business with automatic standard documentation (e.g. invoices, financial statements, reports), standard trading processes (buy, process/divide, sell), read and extract information automatically from external files (Excel, Pdf), or create automatic reports and message confirmation.

Based on your need, the DMS can use different storage varieties: server-based, cloud-based, web-based, or database. At the same time, based on your wishes, the custom document management systems can be integrated with different other systems such as ERPs, CRMs, WMSs, and others.


  • Save time and avoid repetitive work.
  • Accountability and reliability of the data.
  • Easy and clear management of records in the process.
  • Collaboration between different departments.
  • Efficiency and efficacy in work by having everything in one place.
  • Reduced dependency on paperwork.
  • Fast and easy access to information.
  • Clear dashboards and overview of data.
  • Better decision-making in the processes.

Get the features that you need in your software, improve your working style, and be efficient with automatized processes and document management.
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