B2B e-commerce platform

Simplify your workload and draw in the audience with a tailor-made B2B webshop

Is your business goal to deliver products as easily and as fresh as possible?

However, product personalization, quick processes, and fresh orders are indispensable these days. Are you tired of sending price/product lists to your clients manually and managing orders in excel?

B2B e-commerce is your answer!

Simplify your workload and draw in the audience with a tailor-made B2B webshop. A B2B webshop is easy to use and can be integrated to work together with your existing software. In this way, you automate your working processes, and you can bring your (production) company to another level.


  • Provide your client with easy access to your B2B at anytime, anywhere. Increase your customer experience with visual commerce indicators: a simple ‘Log In’ function, easy to create and automatize order lists, get product recommendations based on previous order preferences, access order’s history, set regular orders on specific moments in the week, determine preferred delivery time and date, automatic order reporting/order confirmation.
  • Create your product lists client-specific and get a quick overview of available product lists.
  • Get various catalogs and a predetermined combination of new product lists with only a few clicks.
  • New national and international sales channels can be added easily.
  • Quick online order registration offers a positive customer experience.
  • Easy access to information, visual product choice, and product highlights.
  • High customer experience through simple and automated ordering processes.
  • Use the B2B platform as a channel to provide knowledge and recommendations.
  • Easily cross-sell and up-sell products.
  • Automatize the selling process by providing the option of auto-generation of order lists based on customer history notification systems and automatization of sales order registration.
  • Electronic management of products, clients, and users.
  • Electronic overview of stock.
  • Increase your client satisfaction and fidelity with the online simplified order processes!

Simplify ordering processes, let other companies find you easily, and stay in trend with the market!

Let us help you simplify your workload and draw in the audience with a tailor-made B2B webshop.