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Each organization has something unique, has specific goals and challenges. In the same way, the software solution to best serve your company is specific!
In the process of finding the best software solution for your company, we take the time to know your business and we listen to your special requirements. We think together with you about how to optimize processes, automatize tasks, reduce errors, and derive valuable insights from your data. In this way you take informed decisions and work more efficiently. With the image of your organization in mind, we build custom software solutions to optimize your processes and your workflow.
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Application Design & Development

Your business success depends on the solution you use. This is why we design, develop, and implement IT software solutions for customers from all industries.
We speak the language and have the tools to make your business efficient and effective. Our architects and developers work with different development technologies: C#, .NET, SQL Server (ERP, integration, and customization), Microsoft Azure Cloud services, WinForms, Asp.Net, Angular, etc.
Our full-stack experts are ready to write the code you need!

Maintenance & Development

We provide smooth functioning, support and further development to your software solutions. We can optimize your system (code written by us or other existing solutions) with new features and integrations.
Is your software developed using C# /.NET framework? We have a great team, expertise, and knowledge to further develop your software solutions. In addition, we can maintain and support your tailored software solution, so that it serves you efficiently in your work.
Relay on your software system, be efficient and effective!

System Integration

We are your partner in developing and integrating existing software solutions with the use of an application programming interface also known as API.
With a cross-platform system, you can unify user experience, communicate, and exchange data between different departments and platforms. In this way, you get the benefits of:
(1) avoiding double work for your users,
(2) missing data where you need it, and
(3) exclude human or typing errors.
With APIs we make all your systems work with one another!

Azure Cloud Services

In order to scale up or to have a worldwide accessible system, many companies go for a digital transformation and switch to the Cloud.
At Dianoia IT we have experience in adopting the right Cloud strategy to fit your business objectives. This brings your company benefits in scalability, flexibility, and cost savings.
Have your data available at anytime from anywhere!

Mobile Applications

In the competitive world, many industries have to enhance their services with mobile apps. Used daily, the B2C and B2B e-commerce platforms make buying and selling accessible. Also, the way we travel, order food, meet, read, eat out, and entertain ourselves takes another dimension. With the help of mobile apps, anyone can handle information instantly and in real-time.
At Dianoia IT we have the knowledge and expertise to design, develop, and integrate cross-platform mobile applications for both iOS and Android.
Upgrade your business with a modern and performant mobile app that works together with your other applications!

Reliable Support

Dianoia IT offers complete technical support to ensure that your business keeps running as efficiently as possible, day and night, 24/7. The internal communication channels are short, and we are here specially to sustain your digital solution.
In the office or remote, we keep your business safe!



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