Custom ERP for AGF sector with Dianoia IT

Dianoia IT has great experience in developing and implementing solutions to automatize the Fruit and Vegetable (AGF) trading sector. For the last 14 years, we continuously develop ERPs, CRMs, SCMs, WMSs, and other software for multiple companies in the Rotterdam/Barendrecht area – the heart of fresh fruit and vegetable businesses in The Netherlands.

At Dianoia IT we have a good knowledge and understanding of the AGF-specific business process, its needs, and challenges. We are able to create, integrate and maintain Tailored Software Solutions fitted to manage the whole process from farm to fork.

At Dianoia IT we listen carefully to your specific demands, develop and quickly implement new features requested by the different stakeholders: users (processes), industry (complex information records and overview, certifications, and best quality products) as well as third-party partners (system integration).

About the Customer

The Olympic Food Group is a holding with multiple companies specializing in the import and export, trading, management, and quality control of fruits and vegetables. The growth and development of the business model are in line with the enhancement of the software solutions. The additional technical functionalities cover special demands and assure improved performance, capacity, and capability.

Good communication, clear overviews, and accuracy are key factors for continuous growth and effective interaction between the different stakeholders/departments involved.


The integrated ERP system uses on-premise technologies as well as web technologies. Web technologies make the system accessible anytime, from anywhere on both web and mobile devices. Using the right resources, the system can interact via APIs with other online systems or premise systems.

Key Values for the Customer

Part of the special characteristics that an ERP system can offer to fruit and vegetable wholesales:

  • Real-time overview of data.
  • Easy registration of entry orders.
  • Clear overview of stock and orders.
  • Quick communication between stakeholders.
  • Effective management of resources both in the office and in the warehouse.
  • Order picking overview.
  • Proceed with differences in quantity and quality in a simple way.
  • Set or modify product characteristics and prices.
  • Matching technology between the different systems, departments, and stakeholders.
  • At-hand registration of quality requirements and certifications.
  • Specific and unique processes per product.
  • Possibility to record different information per product specification.
  • Complete and clear overview of the registered data.
  • Product characteristics and price modification.

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