Logistic processes portal
with Dianoia IT

Dianoia IT has been from the very beginning the technical hand in the development of Logistic Documents.com – a platform for communication and collaboration among the supply chain stakeholders in inter-continental trading organizations. The platform has clear dashboards, is user-friendly, and can support all logistical back-office processes. This Cloud-based platform offers an efficient and sustainable way of managing logistic processes such as:

  • documents and reference numbers sharing and receiving;
  • live track & trace system for containers with automated alerts;
  • collaboration and communication portal for all supply chain stakeholders.

About the Customer

In a short time span, Logistic Documents grew from an idea into a well-established company with a great vision for innovation and efficiency. From the first phase, Dianoia IT was the technical partner responsible for implementation.

The scope of the company is to provide intercontinental trading organizations with an independent platform where they can work efficiently and excel in their core business. The administrative burden of managing container shipments is minimized using the cloud-based platform. This is easily configurable to customers’ needs, it offers all tools needed to make logistic processes and collaboration easier – one shipment at a time.


The cloud-based tool for managing shipments is running on a global network of servers. It can be synchronized via APIs with the existing or any other system. It supports all supply chain stakeholders via portals. In this way communication, sharing/receiving documents and reference numbers are made easily. The tracking of containers and bulk shipments worldwide also has automated alerts in case of ETD and/ or ETA changes.

Key Values for the Customer

With the use of this cloud- base software solution customers can quickly benefit from the following:

  • a rapid growth. Spending less time on logistic processes means more capacity for making deals.
  • lower costs. Fewer resources spent per shipment means lower costs per shipment.
  • clear process overview. All processes and communication information are available on one platform.
  • less errors. Using a structured workflow tool means eliminating man-made mistakes.
  • better service. Automated track & trace alerts mean responding faster to changing situations.

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