Fresh food B2B webshop with
Dianoia IT

Dianoia IT developed the B2B e-commerce platform for one of the most prominent players in both the Dutch and the European markets of fresh-cut fruit salads. The B2B webshop is user-friendly and helps the production company rely on real-time information, logistic efficiency, and automatized working processes. In this way, they can provide fresh premium quality products faster for their customers.

About the Customer
Healthy Hand, a brand of Fruity Pack BV, is specialized in the daily cut of fruits and vegetables, creating fresh combinations of salads and desserts. The company aims to provide daily fresh and tasty thousands of kilos of ready-made fruits and vegetable salads for their clients: supermarket organizations, wholesalers, and food service operators. The continuous growth and development of the company requires new specific functionalities for the Healthy Hand e-commerce platform. On the already working platform, Dianoia IT enhances the software with new functionalities required by Healthy Hand to facilitating clients with the best services and products.


The B2B e-commerce platform is a software as a service (SaaS) application that uses Azure cloud services. It is web and mobile friendly and accessible anytime, anywhere. The SaaS application can be integrated with your company’s ERP software. Into the B2B upfront determined market, this dynamic e-commerce platform contributes to increased productivity, and high client satisfaction due to the positive ordering experience.

With the special ‘log-in’ account, each organization receives customer-specific information about the product based on the needed characteristics, delivery dates, availability, and prices. Also, a function of recommended articles is available, based on the previous personal order’s history.

Key Values for the Customer

The B2B webshop is the right hand for Healthy Hand in providing fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables for their customers. By shortening the time to bring the products onto the market, they can provide fresh and high-quality products. At the same time, the B2B webshop brings benefits:

  • Efficient communication with clients.
  • At-hand overview of available product lists.
  • Quickly and easily order registration.
  • Automatic (order) reporting.
  • Automatic order confirmation.
  • Extra highlight of (specific) products.
  • Buy in the process function.
  • Provide knowledge of the platform.
  • Personal product recommendation.
  • Auto-generation of order lists based on customer history notification system.
  • Allow clients to choose the delivery date/time based on their agenda.
  • Timing of the orders and delivery processes.
  • Automatization of the sales order registration.
  • Electronic management of products, clients, and users.
  • Electronic overview of stock.
  • Security and work performance.
  • Last but not least, increase your client satisfaction and fidelity due to the online simplified order processes!

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